Horizontal rotary cleaning systems

Horizontal rotary cleaning systems use aqueous solutions for the thorough yet cost-effective cleaning of workpieces placed in bulk containers.

Horizontal rotary cleaning systems

These units are particularly suitable for the cleaning of punched parts, engine components, sheet metal workpieces and cast parts with recesses in which liquids collects, as they are moved inside the machine is such so that liquids are quickly drained off. When entering the machine, the container holding the parts (e.g. mesh box) is placed in a rotating cage. As soon as the door is closed, the container begins to rotate horizontally. At the same time, the aqueous cleaning solution is sprayed at high pressure onto the parts to be cleaned.

In our fully automated systems, the container is transferred automatically into and from the machine by a forklift truck that places the container on a transverse slide in loading position and picks it up from the unloading position once cleaning is completed. The operator is notified by indicators and lamps when the cleaning process is completed. The cleaning medium return line is equipped with a strainer to remove coarse dirt particles from the medium. In double-bath models, the sprayed cleaning liquid is transferred through a pneumatically controlled strainer to the cleaning or rinsing tank. The unit is equipped with a vertical sliding door and controlled pneumatically. Integrated liquid level sensors monitor the tank filling level to prevent damage to the heating and pumps. A loading table is installed in front of the unit. It carries the transport trolley with the mesh box for parts loading and unloading. The safety devices and guards meet the statutory accident prevention and safety regulations.


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