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All our machines – small and large – are made in stainless steel and optimised for a specified application, according to customer requirements. We never compromise when it comes to performance and quality.

Our services

We manufacture machines and plants for a wide range of industries, making use of state-of-the art technology for optimum efficiency.


As your expert partner in machine design, we assist you in developing your projects and solving you specific problems.


Every project starts with an idea and a solid plan. To ensure the success of a project, we take into account budget and time restraints as well as special requirements in connection with resources.


We design technical plants controlled by the latest software. From the very start of the project to its release, our expert engineers stay in close contact with you.


In order to offer you the best available quality, we are constantly investing in state-of-the art production technology. Thanks to the close cooperation between our design and production departments, we are able to meet the most stringent quality standards.


Maximising performance and efficiency are just two of the many optimisation targets system operators need to keep in mind. In many cases, upgrading existing systems is the most cost-effective solution to achieve these goals. We have the expertise you are looking for in a partner – assisting you in all steps from project planning to commissioning.

Machine commissioning

We install and integrate your machine at your premises. On request, we initially commission your plant at our factory in Wuppertal.

Comprehensive analysis

At the heart of our business philosophy is the in-depth analysis of the requirements of our customers. We evaluate what you need and then work closely with you in designing a plant that meets your requirements. You can thus be rest assured that your new machine will be optimised for your specific tasks.

Whatever you need – we are your partner

As a full-service provider, we offer you all the support and assistance you need. Thanks to our team of experienced technicians and customer service staff, our services are as reliable as our machines. The AMB service offering extends of course beyond the sale and installation of your machine. On request, we perform a range of maintenance tasks across the service life of your plant.


Technical support

We assist you in technical queries, using our know-how as trouble-shooters and problem solvers.


Timely delivery

During the planning phase, we schedule all steps of the project, making sure that the machine does not only meet your specifications but is also delivered on time.


Spare parts

All machine components are available from us as spare part kits.


Extended warranty

Our plants come with a two-year warranty. On request, we perform a complete overhaul of your machine after two years, combined with an extension of the warranty for another year, covering three-shift operation.


Expert installation on site

After delivery, our specialist technicians install the machine on site. In addition, we train your operating personnel and continue looking after your machine, for instance under a maintenance contract.

Examples of special machines built by AMB

We are highly experienced in the design and production of special machines for very specific tasks. The examples complied here illustrate our exceptional know-how. We offer you technically advanced solutions and custom-engineered machines for any type of cleaning application – and of the usual AMB quality.

Rotary table system

Plant with automated table loading system.

Demagnetisation system

These compact units are generally installed upstream of a cleaning system.

Continuous cleaning system

Fully automated
cycle and continuous cleaning machine with aqueous detergent for the cleaning of shafts and tubes.


Continuous cleaning system

Unit equipped with feed and exit conveyor.


 Optimised solutions

When working on the design of customised solutions, we cooperate closely with our customers, as their needs determine our approach. Together, we work towards an optimised solution.

 All our machines are produced at our factory in Wuppertal, Germany.

As our quality and environmental management systems are ISO-certified, we are able to assist you with great expertise and know-how in finding a solution for your specific tasks. Contact us to find out more!


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Tradition becomes the future
Plant and machine production since 1996.

We are certified by TÜV and registered for Specialist Operations according to Article 19 (l) German Federal Water Act.