Continuous cleaning systems

We produce continuous cleaning systems and cycle cleaning machines with overhead or belt conveyors as well as carousel cleaning units.

Continuous cleaning systems

Fully automated cycle and continuous cleaning machine with aqueous detergent for the cleaning of punched parts right behind the punching press. Cleaning steps: washing, rinsing 1, rinsing 2 and drying. Minimum cycle time: 4 seconds. Cleaning system linked to upstream machining unit.

Compact 3-bath cleaning unit; baths heated through heat exchanger; bath capacity approx. 1.5 m³; drying by side channel compressor and electric heater. Equipped with exhaust air ducts. Upgradable for inside rinsing of shafts and tubes. Bath maintenance through fine filter and 3-stage dirt traps (to remove dirt and oil). Workpiece separator and pneumatic parts handling system. Field of application: customer-specific.

Fully automated machine, PLC-controlled (Simatic S7), with additional OP or touch screen at secondary control stations. Our machines and accessories are designed for three-shift operation.

As our quality and environmental management systems are ISO-certified, we are able to assist you with great expertise and know-how in finding a solution for your specific tasks. Contact us to find out more!


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